Top Internet memes

Top Internet memes

A meme is a piece of digital content that spreads rapidly and widely from one person to another on the Internet. Most of them started as a joke which people kept on repeating and showing to all their friends and spread it all over the Internet most of the times through social media means.

Top Internet memes The dancing baby

This is one of the first memes on the Internet and it is a 3D animation which appeared frequently in the television series Ally McBeal symbolizing the characters’ ticking biological clock.

Top Internet memes All your base

This meme started to spread in 2001 and it originates from a Japanese video game called Zero Wing by Toaplan. This video has become so popular especially because of its “Engrish” content, for instance “All your base are belong to us” instead of “All your bases belong to us”.

Top Internet memes The hamster dance

This is one of the earliest memes and it features rows of animated hamsters and rabbits dancing in various ways.

Top Internet memes Snowclones

A snowclone is a type of formula-based cliché which uses an old idiom in a new context. The most well known snowclone is the one featuring the phrase “In Soviet Russia X Ys you” and it was firstly said by a Russian standup comedian (“In Soviet Russia party finds you”).

Top Internet memes Kikia

Kikia is the first example of a flash shock site which starts with a cartoon drawing of a little boy, Chinese writing and gentle music. As the cartoon progresses, at some point, a horrific image (usually from the movie The Exorcist) and a loud sound scares you.

Top Internet memes Loituma girl

This is one of the omst recent memes and it features the anime character Orihime Inoue twirling a leek on the music of the Finnish folk quartet Loituma.

Top Internet memes Lolcats

This term is a portmanteau of LOL (laughing out loud) and cat. It is a depiction of a cat and a funny caption usually spelled incorrectly: “Call the offis. I iz gonna be latez”. These memes have taken over the Internet and can be seen almost on every site and forum. The most famous lolcat is: “I can has cheezeburger?”

Top Internet memes ORLY owl

ORLY stands for “Oh Really?” and the meme features a snowy owl with this caption. The meme first appeared in 2001, but it became so popular that nowadays it can be found on any photograph not just photographs of owls.

Top Internet memes The starwars kid

This was an Internet phenomenon which was started by a Canadian boy who was filmed and was leaked on the Internet. His parents filed a lawsuit against four of his fellow students who settled out of court.



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