Most famous lost artworks

Most famous lost artworks

Humanity has always admired art, but some of the works of art created by the most famous artists, were lost and never found. Here are some of the legendary artworks which have been stolen or destroyed.

Most famous lost artworks Diego Riveria- Man at Crossroads

Nelson Rockefeller commissioned a mural for the entrance to Rockefeller Center, but the artist Diego Riveria decided to to paint two leftist heroes (Trotsky and Lenin) and despite the public outcry, the mural was destroyed by workers.

Most famous lost artworks Sandro Boticelliís works

During the 15th century Bonfire of Vanities, when works of art deemed as sinful were burnt, some of Boticelliís works were destroyed, mainly those reflecting humanist, mythological and sexual themes for which he was famous during his life.

Most famous lost artworks Caravaggio- Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence

This painting was stolen in 1969 from a church in Sicily and the theft is assumed to be the work of the Sicilian mafia. It is believed to have been stored in a farmhouse and destroyed by animals.

Most famous lost artworks Francis Bacon- Study after Velazquez III

Francis Bacon was one of the most important representants of modern art, but because many times he was not satisfied with his own works he used to destroy some of his canvases. Among the most important works of art he destroyed is the third in his landmark Velazquez series.

Most famous lost artworks Gustave Courbet- The Stonebreakers

This work of art was highly influential because of its bold assertion that everyday activities are an acceptable theme for high artwork. The painting was destroyed during the U.S. military attack on Dresden, Germany in 1945.

Most famous lost artworks Henri Rousseau- A portrait of Alfred Jarry

The genius playright, Alfred Jarry sat for a portrait by Henri Rousseau, but out of vanity he later destroyed the canvas.

Most famous lost artworks Roy Lichtenstein- Canvases from the Entablature Series

Liechtenstein made canvases based on entablatures (moldings decoratively placed above the Greco-Roman columns) and one of them was destroyed during the 9/11 attacks as it was housed in one of the Twin Towers.

Most famous lost artworks Works by Pablo Picasso

Henri-Georges Clouzet directed the documentary film the Mystery of Picasso in which the artist was filmed painting. All the works of art created for the film were destroyed upon completion.

Most famous lost artworks Pearl Monument

After it became a symbol for the protesters who were opposing the regime and were fighting for democracy, the government of Bahrain ordered the demolition of this monument. It used to be a massive sculpture, representing the 6 Gulf states and had a pearl on top, which symbolized wealth.

Most famous lost artworks Richard Serra- Tilted Arc

This minimalist sculpture was exposed in the Federal Plaza in New Yowk, but following a judicial decision in 1985, it was destroyed. The reasons for its destruction were among others the cost of its maintenance, the fact that it made movement around the Plaza difficult and because of aesthetic reasons.



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