Incredible scientific theories

Incredible scientific theories

Incredible scientific theories Matrix universe

You must have seen the movie “Matrix” which implied that people are trapped and live in a computer program. Maybe you think it’s crazy to believe that one day computers could take over the world and simulate consciousness, but taking into consideration technology advances, we could not completely rule this out. Maybe we live in a matrix universe right now. Who knows?

Incredible scientific theories Epkyrotic Universe

This theory says that our universe resulted not from the Big Bang, but ratherour universe is on of the pair of universes which have collided. This collision supposedly reseted the universe and since then it expanded more and more. However at some point, it will also contract back to the Big Crunch. The crazy part about this theory is that it claims there is a twin universe out there which is separated by ours only by a distance less than the diameter of an atom. Pretty close, right?

Incredible scientific theories Many-worlds interpretation

This theory states that for every decision we take, a new universe is born. For instance, if you decided to eat something this morning, you live in the present as the one who had breakfast, but if you didn’t, then another universe was born where you didn’t had breakfast. It may sound crazy, but it is just one of the several theories which support the idea of infinite universes.

Incredible scientific theories Dark energy is murder

According to Professor Lawrence Kraus, following the principle of the Zeno effect, which states that if an unstable object is observed regulary it will never decay, continuously observing dark matter keeps it unstable. Thus, observing it reduces our universe’s lifespan by forcing it back to the state when it was a false vacuum.

Incredible scientific theories Universe is a hologram

You may thyink that the theory that suggests we are living in an elaborate computer program is crazy, but this theory claims that the universe as we see it, is nothing more than a hologram made by the universe itself.

Incredible scientific theories Theory of Everything

This theory would combine quantum mechanics and general relativity to solve all the riddles of our universe. It would be able to name all the physical constants in the universe and whether or not they vary over time.

Incredible scientific theories Heat Death

This theory is based on the second law of thermodynamics which states that if the universe is infinite, it should also be infinitely old. Thus, if a star would be 1000 years old, then the universe should also be at least 1000 years old. Consequently, this theory claims that if the universe is infintely old, then heath death suggests that everywhere should be the same temperature and there should be no stars in the sky because they would have died out. The explanation is that, the stars should be all cool since they have spread all their warmth uniformely in the universe. But, because they are not dead, it means that the universe doesn’t have a uniform temperature throughout.

Incredible scientific theories Time travel

People have always been intrigued by the possibility of time travelling. Is it possible or not? Some say that it would be impossible, because if you would, for instance, go back to the past and kill your father, then you wouldn’t live in the present. Others say that if you would go back to the past, you would return as a baby and your present self will still exist in this world. Regardless of the theories about time travelling, we may never know if it is possible or not to go back to the past or to the future.

Incredible scientific theories Black hole babies

This theory states that a universe with many black holes would create many baby universes. This means that our universe as well might be a result of the matter which was sucked by a black hole in another universe and spit out in this one. This theory supports the idea that there could be an infinite amount of universes.

Incredible scientific theories White holes

They are only discussed in a hypothetical sense and they represent the opposite of blakc holes. If a black hole is “sucking” matter, a white hole supposedly spits out matter.



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