Incredible fictional languages

Incredible fictional languages

In literature it frequently happens that the writers create a new language either to conceal the true meaning of something or to give more depth to the story. Some of these languages had so many fans which started to learn it, that they became serious languages for many people. Here is a list of the most famous fictional languages which have inspired people to learn it and communicate with other fans.

Incredible fictional languages Nadsat

This is the language spoken by the teenagers in A Clockwork Orange movie. The term comes from the Russian transliteration of the word “teen”. It is a vernacular speech based on English, transliterated Russian words and Cockney slang.

Incredible fictional languages Languages of Arda

This term describes tha fictional languages invented by J.R.R. Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings. The main languages spoken in Middle-Earth are Quenya and Sindarin and they were mostly influenced by Finnish and Welsh.

Incredible fictional languages Aklo

This language is associated with the writing of forbidden or occult texts and was invented by Arthur Machen in 1899. In his story, two men discuss about the nature of Evil and consult the diary of a young girl which is written in Aklo. It is still unclear what language had an influence on the creation of Aklo.

Incredible fictional languages Esperanto

This is the only actual language in this list and is one of the most successful constructed languages in history. Today, the language is spoken between 100,000-2,000,000 people. Its structure is influenced by Indo-European languages and its vocabulary is dervied mostly from the Romance and to a lesser extent, the Germanic languages.

Incredible fictional languages Alienese

This is a set of fictional langugages which appear usually written with graffiti in the show Futurama. The alphabet is described as one in which the next letter is gven by the summation of all previous letters plus the current letter. Fans of the show which made an effort to translate it into English claim they found hidden humor on the show.

Incredible fictional languages Mangani

This is the language of the apes in the Tarzan novels and it is described as composed of guttural sounds that represents nouns and basic concepts. However, the written lexicon provided by writer E.R. Boroughs is more complex and it is supposedly similar to many African languages.

Incredible fictional languages Newspeak

This language was ubvented by George Orwell and in his novel it was designed by the Party, to enforce its rule on the people. Thus, it precludes any words that convey ideas of freedom, rebellion or free thought. Opposite words were replaced by a pre- or suffixed version of a word, for instance “bad” is “ungood”.

Incredible fictional languages Parseltongue

Parseltongue is the language of snakes in the Harry Potter series and can only be spoken by the descendants of Slytherin. To non-speakers the language sounds like a series of hisses, but the connaisseurs hear it in their native language.

Incredible fictional languages Simlish

Simlish is the spoken language of the Sims. The project director of the game had the voice actors to improvise a gibberish language. The written form is a combination of the Wingdings font and Zodiac symbols, but it has no grounding in real grammar.

Incredible fictional languages Klingonese

This language from the Star Trek movie is nowadays a nearly fully-developed language. The first Klingon dictionary appeared in 1985 and as of 2006, it held the world record for the fictional language spoken by the most people.



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