Godzilla's greatest enemies

Godzilla's greatest enemies

Godzilla is a famous movie-monster, but every monster has its foe. Considering that anoher Godzilla movie is in the works and due in 2014, I considered making a list of the scariest enemies Godzilla has ever had.

Godzilla's greatest enemies Hedorah

This is a poisonous alien monster which comes to Earth and feeds on pollution. He can also merge with other monsters and become more powerful. He is finally defeated by Godzilla and electrocuted.

Godzilla's greatest enemies Anguirus

Although this monster was not so powerful, it is worth considering it since it was the first real enemy of Godzilla in the 1955 movie.

Godzilla's greatest enemies Battra

Battra is an environmental stabilizing force created by an ancient race which subsequently went out of control. Mothra (its opposite) is the only one that can defeat it.

Godzilla's greatest enemies Destoroyah

This is the monster who finally manages to kill Godzilla once and for all in the 1955 movie Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.

Godzilla's greatest enemies Gigan

This monster is really scary and violent and almost killed Godzilla with his hooks and claws before it was defeated.

Godzilla's greatest enemies King Ghidorah

This is a three-headed dragon which spits lightning from its mouths. This is the strongest and most menacing enemy of Godzilla because of its incredible powers and creepy aspect.

Godzilla's greatest enemies Mechagodzilla

This monster is the evil robotic mirror image of Godzilla and it is absolutely armed from head to toes.

Godzilla's greatest enemies Mothra

Mothra is the good kind of monster which always takes humanity\'s side. It has extremely powerful psychic abilities which helped her in the battle against the big guy.

Godzilla's greatest enemies Rodan

Rodan is a radioactive giant pterosaurus which featured his own movie before becoming Godzilla\'s sparring partner.

Godzilla's greatest enemies Biollante

This is the heaviest monster in the series and was created when Godzilla\'s DNA gost spliced with that of a rosebush\'s.



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