Fun facts about beer and wine

Fun facts about beer and wine

Wine and beer are good for you- Red wine in particular has been found to possess cardiovascular benefits (it improves the blood flow). This is due to thew flavonoids contained in it which reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering blood clotting.However, regardless of its benefits, you should never overconsume it.

Fun facts about beer and wine Beer saved the world

According to a Discovery Channel documentary, the need for beer led to the agriculture revolution which also led to the invention of the plow, the wheel and irrigation. Cities were also built in an effort to produce more beer and math was invented because farmers needed to quantify the potency of their fields.

Fun facts about beer and wine Funny wine brand names

Some of the funniest wine names are: Fat Bastard, (Oops), La vin de merde (Wine of Shit), the Elephant on a Tight Rope brand or Frogís Piss.

Fun facts about beer and wine Random facts

All 13 minerals necessary for human life can be found in alcoholic beverages - Methods of curing hangover: Ancient Greeks ate cabbage, Ancient Romans ate fried canaries, some French drink strong coffee with salt, some Chinese drink spinach tea, Russians drink vodka.

Fun facts about beer and wine Disadvantages to beer

Although most of us enjoy a good refreshing beer, as any other alcoholic beverage, it has its disadvantages. Beer can increase obesity rates in men due to overconsumption, cause dehydration or reduce the activity of the central nervous systemn (leading to a hangover). However, one of the deadliest effects is the impairment of driving skills which causes up to 40% of US car-crash deaths.

Fun facts about beer and wine Best beer

The countries which were best ranked in terms of beer quality are Belgium, Germany and the U.S.

Fun facts about beer and wine Weird beers

Always looking to increase their profits, some manufacturers try to be innovative but sometimes go a little too far. For instance, in Cambodia, there is a beer which contains dead tarantulas. If you think this is weird, you should know that the Korean Baby Mouse Liquor is made with distilled rice spirits, blended with dead mice and fermented for one year.

Fun facts about beer and wine Worst beer

A survey conducted in 80 countries indicates that the wors beer is in the U.S., but this is because Budweiser has been voted the worst beer in the world and since it is so much advertised, people think it is the traditional American beer. The U.S. is followed in this top by China, thye U.K., Australia, France and Italy.

Fun facts about beer and wine Best wine regions

The most renowned region in the world, responsible with the production of the highest quality wine is Bordeaux, France.

Fun facts about beer and wine The world and alcohol

The top three beer consumers in the world are the Czechs, the Irish and the Germans, while the top three wine consumers are the Italians, French and the Swiss. In terms of production, the top three beer producers are China, the U.S. and Russia (although Germany has the most breweries: 1200). Finally, the top three producers of wine are Italy, France and Spain.



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