Disturbing and unhealthy food

Disturbing and unhealthy food

Disturbing and unhealthy food Kivaq

This Icelandic heritage consists of fermented corpses of small marine birds related to puffins. After the bird is captured, it is sewn into aged sealskin before being buried underground for about three years. This “meal” can be extremely poisonous and even deadly because the chances of getting botulism are extremely high.

Disturbing and unhealthy food Hakarl

Greenland sharks lack he ability to urinate which makes them store ammonia and trimethyl oxide in their tissue. Lacking this knowledge, the Greenland natives have devised a traditional meal known as Harkal, which is basically aged shark flesh. As you may presume, the smell is unbearable and the consumer can suffer from organ strain and intoxication due to the poisonous flesh.

Disturbing and unhealthy food Star Fruit

This fruit looks really innocent, but in fact it contains toxins which can lead to kidney failure and even death.

Disturbing and unhealthy food Inside job

There are many dishes which include stomach linings, intestinal sections or even cown and sheep testicles. They have to be thouroughly cleansed or they can represent a high risk of deadly parasite infections.

Disturbing and unhealthy food Serpent burger

In Southeast Asia, there are many places serving snake burgers made from cobrasand other snakes. They are venoumous rather than poisonous, so it is safe to eat as the toxins are not distributed through the tissues. After filleting and frying, you will not even notice if you’re eating beef, chicken or, well, snake.

Disturbing and unhealthy food Crow pie

It was pretty typical in Lithuania to eat dishes which contained crow meat. It was rumoured that eating crow meat has aphrodisiac effects and it was particularly useful in “managing” the crow numbers. However, concerns have been raised over the possibility of contracting diseases, as these birds are always flying wandering over hundreds of kilometres.

Disturbing and unhealthy food Octopus tentacles

There are many Asian restaurants which serve raw or even partially alive sushi. Miniature octopus tentacles are also served along with soy dip while are still moving. In some rare cases death has been reported as hese tentacles blocked the airways of diners.

Disturbing and unhealthy food African poison bullfrog

This animal is considered a delicacy in Namibia, but its flesh is infused with the potent toxin Oshiketakata, which may lead to kidney failure. Locals claim that they can cook this frog in such a way as to eliminate these toxins. However, one can’t really be sure this meal to be completely safe.

Disturbing and unhealthy food Stewed Asian bat

This type of food contains an entire bat placed in a soup bowl after boiling with chicken broth. The bat is dissected, and the broth is then eaten with a spoon, along with the innards of the bat. This food is supposed to be delicious, but definitely unappetizing, and it can also transmit a number of human diseases.

Disturbing and unhealthy food Gastropod Eggs

Some entrepreneurs have started to popularize a new dish known as “snail caviar” which contains snail eggs which are served alongside roast vegetables and exotic salads. These eggs cannot be cooked and deaths have been reported as a consequence of brain infection with parasites.



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