Bizarre side effects to common medicines

Bizarre side effects to common medicines

Bizarre side effects to common medicines Accutane

Used for- treatment of acne High school is already a pain so why suffer of acne too, right? Accutane seems like the perfect fit until you observe rectal bleeding, hirsutism, psychosis, crying spells, Hepatitis, herpes and bone fractures. Hopefully, these effects are rare and there are small chances of having them all in the same time. However, Accutane is an interesting drug due to its sheer number of random syndromes.

Bizarre side effects to common medicines Alli

Used for- weight-control/weight-loss Fighting to lose a few pounds you risk public shame. Users of Alli might often suffer of uncontrollable bowel movements, loose stools and ‘oily spotting’. No more details needed, you get the idea.

Bizarre side effects to common medicines Chantix; Mirapex; Lariam (mefloquine)

Used for: Chantix- in quitting smoking; Mirapex- treatment for Parkinson’s Disease; Lariam- prevention and treatment of malaria These medications have one thing in common: hallucinations. Patients who took these medicines reported terrifying hallucinations and a wish for engaging in violent psychotic behavior.

Bizarre side effects to common medicines Levaquin

Used for- treatment of bacterial infections Levaquin has a dirty little secret. It’s a great bacteria killer but it can also give the so called ‘phototoxicity’ which is sensitivity to UV resulting in immediate sunburn which can lead even to a 3rd degree burn. It can result in ruptured tendons, too. A small price for a cured infection and a lifetime of vampirism, right?

Bizarre side effects to common medicines Propecia

Used for- treatment of male hair-loss and baldness Many men chose to take Propecia in order to restore their wild and beautiful hair they once had, but little do they know that after some intensive use of this drug, they will grow breasts. Propecia can cause ‘gynecomastia’, an affliction that causes the development of fully functional mammary glands.

Bizarre side effects to common medicines Requip

Used for- treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) The restless Leg Syndrome is horrible because you get to kick people while asleep, you can kick yourself too and also, you have extremely poor circulation in the legs. Requip is a great solution to all of these but think twice before getting on this treatment, you might find yourself having weird sexual urges and also a wish for acting irrational by taking huge risks in everything.

Bizarre side effects to common medicines Vasotec

Used for: treatment of congestive heart failure; to control high blood pressure. If you are taking Vasotec you might develop some problems with all five senses. The strangest effect is the inability to smell. It can also cause dry eyes, blurred vision and ringing in the ears. The best is when you have them all in the same time.

Bizarre side effects to common medicines Viagra

Used for- you should know by now its purpose This beacon of hope for men all over the world comes with a price. Many male users reported the inability of seeing the blue color while under the effect of Viagra. They testified that they really can’t make a difference between blue and green and other users have the so called ‘blue-vision’, when everything they see has a deep blue tint.

Bizarre side effects to common medicines Xeloda

Used for: treatment of several types of cancer A medical journal, The Annals of Oncology, describes a patient’s experience with Xeloda: “The patient, only referred to as Mr. S, was taking the drug…Xeloda…The drug carries side effects such as chronic inflammation of the palms or soles of the feet. Known as hand-foot syndrome, it can result in peeling of the skin, bleeding and development of ulcers or blisters. It also causes the very odd and very rare side effect of making your fingerprints completely disappear…”

Bizarre side effects to common medicines Zolof

Used for- treatment of depression and other mood-based disorders Zoloft might be better than Viagra only if you could ejaculate… It can not only produce a 3 hour lasting erection but it also increases suicidal thoughts and tendencies, especially in teenagers and those under the age of 18.



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