Best British comedy series

Best British comedy series

Best British comedy series Monty Python’s Flying Circus

This is one of the most influential television series of all time. It consists of four absolutely hilarious films and a sketch show.

Best British comedy series The I.T. Crowd

The series follows the life of 3 young people working in an I.T. department. Two of them are typical I.T. nerds, whereas the woman in charge of the department has no I.T. knowledge. After she helps one of her two co-workers in a conflict with another woman, they bond, but they become the most resented crowd at the office. “The I.T. Crowd” has received a BAFTA award and the works for the fifth season are underway.

Best British comedy series BlackAdder

There are four series of this program and the most acclaimed are the ones set during the reign of Elizabeth I, when BlackAdder is Lord Edmund BlackAdder and the series set during the 18th century, when BlackAdder is butler to the Prince of Wales. Rowan Atkinson is brilliant in this series and if you are a fan of quick witted comedy, this show is for you.

Best British comedy series Fawlty Towers

The series follow the story of a hotel owner in Torquay, his wife, a waitress and the waiter Manuel. The program is brilliant and the physical comedy is absolutely hilarious.

Best British comedy series The Inbetweeners

The show is about the typical life of four late teenagers. Will is the new kid at school who is repeatedly insulted by his new collegues. Simon is a relatively attractive young man who lusts after Carly, but always messes things up. Then there is Jay who always boasts on having slept with many girls, but in fact is a virginand Neil, who is the most “successful” with women.

Best British comedy series Mr. Bean

This program has very little dialogue and is mostly based on physical comedy. Rowan Atkinson may be the best British comedy actor with his incredibly funny gestures and facial expressions.

Best British comedy series The Royle Family

You may wonder why I recommend you this program since actually, nothing really happens. Maybe this is exactly what makes it hilarious, the way in which the life in a poor household is reflected and how the characters are barely doing anything.

Best British comedy series Only Fools and Horses

The series follow the lives of Derek and Rodney, who are trying to make millions. They are willing to do whatever it talkes to achieve their goal. The show has won many awards in Britain and it boasts on having added some new words to the English dictionary.

Best British comedy series Peep Show

This is the story of two completely different men who share a flat and get into some really awkward and funny situations. The series mostly presents how our thoughts differ from what we are saying and how people can get into really funny situation. At some point, one of the two men is hiding from his own wedding.

Best British comedy series The Office

This is the greatest Vritish comedy of all time. Starring Ricky Gervais, the series follows an office in Slough and its daily routine. David Brent is the star of the sitcom and the manager of the office. He is a vain man who thinks everyone respects him (even though that’s not true). This is a down to Earth comedy which reflects the relationships between co-workers and situations which may occur at the office.



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