Amazing treasures

Amazing treasures

These treasures date from ancient times and have a reallly important historical significance. These treasures contain huge quantities of gold, silver and other precious metals and stones which are true works of art.

Amazing treasures The Nagyszentmiklos treasure, Romania

This is a valuable collection of 10th century gold vessels found in Nagyszentmiklos (now Sannicolau Mare), Romania.

Amazing treasures Tutankhamen’s treasure, Egypt

Despite its popularity, the most impressive relic found in Tutankhamen’s tomb was not the mask, but the gold inner coffin. The coffin is made of solid gold, the kingd being shown as Osiris holding the crook and flail. The king’s throne was also included in the treasure found in 1922.

Amazing treasures The treasure of Gourdon, France

This treasure was discovered in 1845, the objects dating to the end of the 5th and beginning of the 6th century. It included a chalice, a rectangular paten and about a hundred gold coins.

Amazing treasures Panagyuriste treasure, Bulgaria

This is one of the most known treasures and it was found in 1949. It is a Thracian treasure dating from the 4th-3rd centuries BC and it contains 6,164 kg of pure gold. The treasure consists of a phial, an amphora and seven rhytons, all of them depicting scenes of Thracian myths.

Amazing treasures Sroda treasure, Poland

This is one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century. The treasure contains a golden crown which belonged to Blanche of Valois, the wife of Emperor Charles IX, 2 golden pendants, precious stones and 2924 silver coins. The treasure was found in Sroda, Poland in 1985.

Amazing treasures Pereshchepina treasure, Bulgaria

This treasure contains Byzantine, Sassanian and Avarian objects and was found by a boy who literally stumbled over a gold vessel and fell into the grave of Kuvrat, the founder of Great Bulgaria. The hoard contains more than 800 pieces, among them 19 silver vessels and 16 gold vessels.

Amazing treasures Preslav treasure, Bulgaria

This treasure was found near the second capital of Bulgaria, Veliki Preslav and it contains 170 golden, silver and bronze objects dating from the 3rd and 7th centuries.

Amazing treasures Java treasure trove, Indonesia

This is the most recently discovered treasure and it contains about 14,000 pearls, 4,000 rubies, 400 dar red sapphires and more than 2,200 garnets. They were found on a ship that sunki off the shores of Indonesia, more than 1,000 years ago.

Amazing treasures The Pietroasele treasure, Romania

This treasure was found in 1897 and is a late 4th century Gothic treasure which included 22 gold objects, 12 of them are nowadays exhibited at the National Museum of Romanian History.

Amazing treasures Tillia Tepe treasure, Afghanistan

Tillia Tepe is an archaeological site in Afghanistan which was surveyed by a Soviet-Afghanistani mission of archaeologists. The hoard is a collection of about 20,000 gold ornaments found in 6 graves.



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