10 ridiculously expensive toys

10 ridiculously expensive toys

10 ridiculously expensive toys Barbie

The most expensive Barbie is the Diamond Barbie, co-designed by De Beers. It has a gown with 160 diamonds and white gold miniature jewelry. It was created in 1999 for the 40th Barbie anniversary is worth $85,000,00 USD.

10 ridiculously expensive toys Hand-Held Video Game

The world’s most expensive Gameboy is made of 18 K gold and its display is surrounded by diamonds. This expensive Gameboy is designed by Aspreys Of London and it can be bought through Swiss Supply with $25,000.00 USD.

10 ridiculously expensive toys Matchbox Car

This little toy used to cost 48 cents some years ago. Now, if you want to be the owner of one of the original Matchbox Cars you have to pay $9,000.

10 ridiculously expensive toys Ride-On Toy

The price of this Junior Off Roader is $40,000 USD or £17,000. Paying this price you buy a toy car for your child which includes all weather fiberglass body with a protective frame, dual hydraulic disk brakes, rack and pinion steering, manual emergency brake, full front and rear suspension, front and rear suspension, three speed transmissions, radio and CD player with speakers on the side doors.

10 ridiculously expensive toys PEZ Dispenser

PEZ Dispensers were something common about two decades ago, but now, the 1982 World’s Fair Astronaut B PEZ Dispenser costs something like $32,205.00 USD.

10 ridiculously expensive toys Toy Sewing Machine

This is a strange toy to have. A clown sewing machine that once cost 6,000 pounds was bought by an English industrial sewing machine dealer with $13,600 at the ISMACS auction in London, England.

10 ridiculously expensive toys Toy Soldier

The most expensive toy soldier in the world is the creation of Don Levine and was the 1963 G.I. Joe prototype. Levine created this toy soldier on his ping pong table, a soldier measuring 11,5 inches tall with 21 movable parts. He sold this prototype with $200,000 USD to Baltimore businessman Stephen A. Geppi on August 7, 2003.

10 ridiculously expensive toys Teddy Bear

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Teddy Bear, a German company created a limited edition of 125 teddy bears designed with a solid gold mouth and eyes of sapphires and diamonds. Each bear cost at least £43,000.00. The most expensive Teddy bear bought from that limited edition was $193,000.00 USD.

10 ridiculously expensive toys Toy Gun

Just as in the case of the Toy Off Roader, this Toy Gun seems like a kid’s play. Well, you would be surprised by its shooting power and not to mention the nauseous price. Used, in good condition, with accessories, these M134 guns have sold “Used” for over $9000.

10 ridiculously expensive toys Star Wars Movie Prop

If you are bit of a fan of Star Wars then you know all about The Darth Vader fighting helmet from The Empire Strikes Back. It costs something like $115,000 and it was used extensively throughout the climatic fight sequences in the film.



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