Weird eBay auctions

Weird eBay auctions

Weird eBay auctions A man’s entire life

On June 2008, a man from Western Australia listen on eBay nothing less than…his entire life. He said he was willing to sell his house, together with his car, motorcycle, Jet Ski and parachuting gear. The winner would also win his friends and his job if it passed the job trial. The man said he wanted to start living a new life and he was planning to leave all his old life back and book the first flight and see the world. At the end of the auction, his life was sold for $384,000.

Weird eBay auctions Sports car sold for less than a dollar

During an interview with Jodie Marsh, Tim Shaw told the model he would leave his wife and two children for her. His wife saw him live and decided she should get him back and listen on eBay his sports car: a Lotus Espirit Turbo, for only 77 cents. She said she needs to sell the car as soon as possible, before her husband gets back home.

Weird eBay auctions Single cornflake

In November, 2009, a man decided to sell a single conrflake, as a joke. He did not expect that someone would actually want it, but surprisingly someone offered 1 cent for it and it grew from there. In the end, he sold the cornflake for $1.85.

Weird eBay auctions Water

In June, 2008, a cup which contained water from which Elvis Presley supposedly drank during a concert in North Carolina, was sold for $455.

Weird eBay auctions Ghost

A man listed on eBay…a ghost. He claimed that the ghost was his friend and he would sell it together with the ghost’s house: a jar. He wanted to raise money and donate them to Cancer Research UK, because his great-great grandmother had died of cancer. Although it was for a good cause, eBay removed the auctions since it was against its policy of selling intangible objects.

Weird eBay auctions Iceland

On October 2008, an anonymous seller put Iceland for auction. Bidding started at 99 pence, but it reached $17.28 million in only a couple of days. According to the notice, the famous singer Bjork was not included, but nevertheless there there were 26 anonymous bidders and 84 bids.

Weird eBay auctions A group of men

In February 2006, 4 men decided to put themselves for auction for a fun filled weekend. They promised to entertain the winner of the auction and have some beers together. They also included a celebrity in the plan, whose identity wasn’t revealed only after the auction ended. A man from Sydney, Australia won the auction for $45,000 and the celebrity turned out to be Rob Kardashian.

Weird eBay auctions Golf balls from a snake’s gut

In 2008 an unlucky snake swallowed 4 golf balls, after he mistaken them for eggs. The veterinarians, who removed the golf balls, put them to auction to raise money for a new wildlife hospital. After an intense bidding, the golf balls, together with x-rays and photos of the surgery, were sold to an Australian for $1401.

Weird eBay auctions Partially-eaten sandwich

It is not so uncommon on eBay to bid for food that contains people’s faces. However, a woman put for auction a 10 year-old grilled sandwich with an image of the Virgin Mary. At firs, eBay pulled the auction claiming that they do not allow joking lists, but the woman convinced them that the sandwich was real and she will deliver it herself to the winner. She claimed she took a bite from the sandwich 10 years before and when she saw Virgin Mary’s image she decided not to eat it anymore. The partially-eaten sandwich was sold for an incredible $28,000.

Weird eBay auctions New Zealand

A man who once visited Auckland, New Zealand and was not really impressed of it, decided to list New Zealand on eBay. The starting price was a penny,but it soon raised to $3000. Ebay declared the auction invalid and although some people might have considered this funny, the Foreign Minister Winston Peters was very offended by this auction.



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