The Death Cheaters

The Death Cheaters

The Death Cheaters Isidro Mejia

In 2004, Mejia fell from a roof and got 6 nails of 3,5 inches inside his skull and neck. He survived the shooting nails because they barely missed his brain stem and spinal cord.

The Death Cheaters Richard Blass

Richard Blass was named ‘The Cat’ due to his luck in evading death and prison. He was hunted by the mafia in Montreal and almost-deadly shot several times. The hotel where he checked in was set on fire in order to kill him, three men died but he got away without a bruise. He was even caught and imprisoned after he robbed a bank and shot a cop. He escaped the same prison twice and he finally died after he was shot 23 times.

The Death Cheaters Ahad Israfil

At 14 years old an accidental discharge of a gun blew away half of Israfil’s brain. The head’s hole was covered by the doctors with a silicone block and Israfil survived. Later, he even graduated with honors.

The Death Cheaters Vesna Vulovic

She holds the Guiness world Record for the highest freefall because she jumped without a parachute from the JAT Flight JU 367 at 33,000 feet in the air. The plane was bomb-attacked by a terrorist group called the Croatian National Movement. Vesna Vulovic fell 33, 000 feet and had a fractured skull, two broken legs and three broken vertebrae. She recovered completely.

The Death Cheaters Ludger Sylbaris

Imprisoned in a single-cell, partially underground, Sylbaris survived the Pelee eruption. His prison was the most sheltered building in the city, fact which saved his life while the rest of the city died by being burned or suffocated to death.

The Death Cheaters Shannon Malloy

This woman was internally decapitated after a car accident. Her spine was separated from her skull and all connecting ligaments and tendons were cut loose. Despite all of these, she survived after having performed several surgeries.

The Death Cheaters Roy C. Sullivan

There are slim chances to be struck by lightning and it’s almost impossible to be struck by lightning twice. So how could a man be struck by lightning seven times? Sullivan’s ‘lightning hats” are on display in New York and South Carolina’s Guinness World Exhibit Hall. He eventually died of old age.

The Death Cheaters Ann Hodges

Ann Hodges was napping in her living room when a grapefruit-sized meteoroid crashed through her roof and struck her on the arm and hip. It was 1954 in Sylacauga, Alabama and Hodges survived with just some bad bruises. The 8,5 pound alien chondrite rock was donated to the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

The Death Cheaters Ben Carpenter

21 years old and wheelchair bound, Ben Carpenter had the ride of a lifetime when he was crossing the street in Paw Paw. A truck accidentally ‘picked him up’ and pushed him for 4 miles at 50 mph. He was completely unharmed just terrible scared. The truck driver said that he couldn’t see him crossing the street when the light changed so he just accelerated.

The Death Cheaters Phineas Gage

In 1848, September 13, Gage was doing his job at the railway station, packing a hole with gunpowder when the gunpowder ignited and an iron bar shot through his cheek bone and exited out the top of his head. He was later observed at 30 yards away from the site of the accident because within minutes after the incident he was up and walking. He survived this incredible head piercing and remained completely normal until people around him observed that he had no more social inhibitions, anymore, whatsoever. His skull and the iron bar can be seen today at Boston’s Warren Anatomical Museum.



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