Some of the worst movies ever made

Some of the worst movies ever made

Due to the fact that they are watching only blockbusters and movies directed by professional directors, people have no idea that there are some many movies being filmed by amateurs that are really hilarious. This is not because they were necessarily meant to be comedies, but because their quality is so low and the acting is so poor, that you cannot even believe how are their directors even pretending to be taken seriously. Here is a list of the silliest and unprofessional movies ever made.

Some of the worst movies ever made Undefeatable

Action movies are many times funny because, the actors tend to act overly tough. There are lots of people fighting great karate in the movie (even “random” people on the street), but the final scene must be seen to be believed.

Some of the worst movies ever made Mosquito

Besides the fact that the special effects used in this movie remind us of an 80’s film, even though it was produced in 1995, the plot is even more ridiculous. An alien spaceship landing on Earth and mosquitos feeding on their blood and getting enormous is not really a serious horror movie.

Some of the worst movies ever made Birdemic: Shock and Terror

This movie is a bit of a remake of Hitchcock’s famous movie “Birds”. However, it is one of the worst movies ever; the acting is terrible and the huge birds look like a gif of animated birds taken from the Internet.

Some of the worst movies ever made Pocket Ninjas

The problem with this movie is that it’s trying to explore 4 dimensions, but in the end, you don’t really realize what happened. It’s a chaotic movie which makes no real sense and this is why is is one of the worst movies.

Some of the worst movies ever made Starcrash

Following the huge success of the low-budget movie Star Wars, every studio executive was looking for the next big hit. Unfortunately, many times this meant that movies which were bascically copying Star Wars were made. Starcrash is just one of them.

Some of the worst movies ever made Ticks

Like “Mosquito”, this movie is also about ticks reaching incredible sizes and attacking a group of violent/anti-social/troubled teens who were brought in a special camp by their psychiatrist.

Some of the worst movies ever made Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare

This movie combines horror with metal music (or at least it tries to do so), but the effects and acting is really horrific. The only thing that sort of saves the movie is the great plot twist ending.

Some of the worst movies ever made Samurai Cop

This movie was directed by Iranian Amir Shervan, and you can definitely notice that, because every single line of the cop in the movie is exactly the way you’d expect an Iranian to perceive it. The movie is funny precisely because everything is hilarious, from the poor edited chase scenes to the cops and their changing hair styles, everything in this movie is simply hilarious.

Some of the worst movies ever made Slashers

This is a really bad movie about a reality-show in which the six contestants must survive a building full of psychopats for one million dollars. The acting, the effects and sets are terrible, but nevertheless, the idea of mocking how people behave on reality shows is brilliant.

Some of the worst movies ever made Troll 2

This movie is a low-budget which brings together unknown actors, bad effects and a plot that exceeds their means. However, this movie has become more famous in the last years and most people have seen it.



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