People rumored to be alive after death

People rumored to be alive after death

There are plenty of people who frame their death just to make a re-appearance but these are the cases when people just wouldn’t want to accept the fact that they might be dead and form all sort of theories around them.  This list presents people who are just rumored to be alive after death.

People rumored to be alive after death Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)

Tupac was a famous rapper who was murdered in a drive-by shooting. Its murder is still an unsolved case and that is how many of the conspiracy theories have appeared. What also fueled the conspiracy theories was the fact that there were 8 more albums released after Tupac’s death.

People rumored to be alive after death Andy Kaufman (1949-1984)

Kaufman was best known for the role of Latka on the TV series Taxi. He died of cancer at the age of 35 but because of the fact that he kept his illness hidden, most of his fans believed that his entire death was an elaborate prank.

People rumored to be alive after death Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

This is probably the most well-known conspiracy theories since many claim to have seen “the King” after his death. What fueled the conspiracy theories in this case was the fact that even Presley’s dad said that he could not recognize his son in the coffin.

People rumored to be alive after death Jim Morrison (1943-1971)

Jim Morrison was the lead singer of the Doors. In 1971, he decided to move to Paris to become a poet. On the 2nd of July he supposedly said his girlfriend that he was going to see a movie. This was on a Friday. On Monday, his girlfriend calls the house label and told them to come to Paris. When they arrived, they found a coffin and a death certificate which said that he has died of a heart attack. The rumors in this case occurred because the coffin was sealed and nobody saw Jim’s body.

People rumored to be alive after death Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

Both Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, committed suicide on April 30, 1945 but the next day, the radios announced that he has died leading the troops in battle. Despite this, people have said that Hitler has escaped to Spain or Argentina. Later on, the Russians identified Hitler and Eva by their dental records yet, the rumors still continued.

People rumored to be alive after death Grand Duchess Anastasia (1901-1918)

Anastasia was the youngest daughter of Nicholas the 2nd, tsar of Russia. She and her family were shot during a Communist firing squad but over the years, several women claimed to be her. The most well-known of them all was Anna Anderson who was found in a Berlin canal in 1920. After DNA results came, they proved that she was not related to the Romanovs

People rumored to be alive after death Jesse James (1847-1882)

Jesse James was killed by Robert Ford in 1882 but in 1948, a 100 years-old man in Oklahoma named J. Frank Dalton claimed that he was actually Jesse and that the man buried was not him, but another outlaw, Charlie Bigelow. The rumors occurred because when shown James’ body, his mom said that that was not her son. Despite all this, in 1995, Jesse James’ grave was exhumed and after DNA tests it was proved that the man buried was James

People rumored to be alive after death Alexander I (1777-1825)

While approaching the end of his reign, the tsar said to his family and closed one that he wanted to give up his throne. In the winter of 1825, while inspecting Crimea, he was killed by a malaria or pneumonia and was buried in a closed casket. Because of the hazy circumstances of his death, people thought that he has framed his death and abdicated in secret. Feodor Kuzmich was that to have been the emperor. Furthermore, when the Soviets opened the Alexander’s tomb, they didn’t find any body.

People rumored to be alive after death Louis XVII (1785-1795)

Louis died in prison of Tuberculosis during the French Revolution but even before they could announce the dauphin’s death, people started saying that sympathizers replaced him with a double. The rumors became even more prolific when a jailer’s wife said that she has seen how they’ve switched the children. That led to more than over 100 royal pretenders to claim his identity.

People rumored to be alive after death Jesus Christ

This is a sensitive subject as there are over 1 billion Christians who believe that Jesus rose from the death. This is not the matter of discussion; what happened later, is. According to Christians, he ascended to heaven but there are people who believe that he continued to live on Earth and even that he went to America and thought people there a new Gospel. Others believe that he has married Mary Magdalene and led a family life.



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