Oldest people who have ever lived

Oldest people who have ever lived

People would do anything to avoid getting older. Cosmetic surgery and science try to find the perfect balance between having a younger look and a longer life. There are plenty of stories about youth elixir but nothing has been proven. This article is not about that. This is all about the oldest people who have ever lived.

Oldest people who have ever lived Kamato Hongo 16 September 1887 – 31 October 2003 (Disputed) Age: 116 years 45 days

In 2002, Kamato Hongo was the oldest living person. She lived in Kagoshima, Japan and a month after her 116th anniversary, she died of pneumonia. The island where she has lived is famous for other cases of longevity, much like Okinawa.

Oldest people who have ever lived Carrie C. White November 18th 1874 – February 14th 1991 Age: 116 years 88 days

In 1998, Carrie C. White entered the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest person in the world. She was then 114 years old and she was a resident of Palatka, Florida nursing home. Contrary to what you might believe, she wasn’t there because of her age but because of a nervous breakdown that she has had on 1909, which left her institutionalized.

Oldest people who have ever lived Elizabeth Bolden 15 August 1890 – 11th December 2006 Age: 116 years 118 days

Elizabeth lived in the US, the place with the most supercentenarians in the entire world. She was amongst the other 7 people in the world who have lived until the age of 116 years old. She had 40 grand-children, 75 great grand-children, 150 great-great grand-children, 220 great-great-great grand-children and 75 great-great-great-great grand-children.

Oldest people who have ever lived Tane Ikai 18th January 1879 – 12th July 1995 Age: 116 years 175 days

Tane is Janapan’s oldest female on record, She outlived her daughter and three sons and had two strokes, the last one being at age 113, which left her bed-ridden. She died because of a kidney failure and was the first supercentenarian to be autopsied.

Oldest people who have ever lived Maria Esther Heredia de Capovilla 14th September 1889 – 27th August 2006 Age: 116 years 347 days

Maria was born in Ecuador and she was the oldest person who has lived in three centuries. She has lived in upper-class elite. She never smoked or drank. Even at the age of 116, she was able to watch TV, read newspapers and walk without a cane. She died of pneumonia with just 18 days before turning 117 years old.

Oldest people who have ever lived Marie-Louise Meilleur 29th August 1880 – 16th April 1998 Age: 117 years 230 days

Meilleur was a supercentenarian who has lived in Canada and until the death of Jeanne Calment (the oldest person on the list) was the oldest living person. She died at the age of 117 because of a blood clot. At the moment of her death, her daughter was 90 years old.

Oldest people who have ever lived Lucy Hannah 16th July 1875 – 21st March 1993 Age: 117 years 248 days

Lucy Hannah was also an American super centenarian but she has never received the oldest living person because she coincided with Jeanne Calment. She was the only African-American woman to have reached 117 years old.

Oldest people who have ever lived Sarah Knauss 24th September 1880 – 30th December 1999 Age: 119 years 97 days

Sarah Knauss was the oldest person who has ever lived in America. Her daughter was 96 when Sarah died and lived until she was 101. The daughter said that nothing could faze her mother and that is why she lived so much. Sarah died peacefully of old age.

Oldest people who have ever lived Shigechiyo Izumi 29th June 1865 – 21st February 1986 Age: 120 years 237 days

Izumi age is disputed especially since most super centenarians seem to be women. Izumi was born in Japan and he is also known as having the longest working life with a total of 98 years. He died of pneumonia.

Oldest people who have ever lived Jeanne Calment 21st February 1875 – 4th August 1997 Age: 122 years 164 days

Jeanne Calment is the oldest person who has ever lived, dying at 122 years and 164 days. The maximum human lifespan is thought to be somewhere between 123-125 years of age, this making Jeanne a very special person. She was the last person living to have personally met the artist. Moreover, her lifespan has been thoroughly documented, with more proof of her age than for any other case.



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