Most interesting cultures in the world

Most interesting cultures in the world

These cultures have provided the world with the greatest and most brilliant minds of all time. They have inspired many writers and artists and tourism is flourishing in these countries. Here is a list with the amazing cultures which have impressed the world and made history.

Most interesting cultures in the world Beach cultures

Every culture which has developed close to the sea has a specific beauty. People living close to the beach like to live life to the fullest and enjoy listening to lively music. The relaxing view of the ocean and the warm sun have always attracted tourists and have inspired writers.

Most interesting cultures in the world The English culture

The English culture is renowned for its architecture, cuisine (the famous English breakfast and tea time), literature, music, cathedrals and folklore. The English language is lingua franca used in business, science and communications and diplomacy.

Most interesting cultures in the world The Japanese culture

Japan's lush green gardens and architecture have impressed people around the world. For the Japanese, gardening is an art with a spiritual meaning. The Japanese people have a high respect for art, discipline and knowledge and they like to live in harmony with nature.

Most interesting cultures in the world The Moroccan culture

What makes Morocco special is its old and incredible architecture in cities like Fez and Casablanca, the skilled enamel-makers, pottery and craftsmen working with traditional instruments to create their art. Morocco is also famous for its beautiful gardens, flowering walls and waterfalls which create an impressing scenery.

Most interesting cultures in the world The Swedish culture

The Swedish like to live life with moderation and care for the others. Their culture is based on the principle that no one is better than another and people should live their lives taking into consideration how their deeds may influence the life of others.



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