Most humiliating dog accessories

Most humiliating dog accessories

Sometimes people think that by providing their pets with accessories will makie them look funnier. Althought this might be true at times, there are some accessories which are rather humiliating to dogs. Here are some of the most useless and annoying things you could do to your dog.

Most humiliating dog accessories Pet towel

Most of us know that pet towels are used simply for cleaning our pet, but some people find it funny to dress up a dog in a towel.

Most humiliating dog accessories Mustache toy

Dogs do not really care about mustaches; actually, they donít even know what a mustache is. Yet, people like to make fun of their poor pets by alluring them with these kind of chewy toys which turns out to be a mustache on the other side.

Most humiliating dog accessories Butt covers

Maybe you cannot accept the fact that your dog is an animal he poops wherever he finds a goiod spot. Maybe you are disgusted by it and thatís why you need to cover his butt. Regardless of your reason, you should know that it looks kind of silly.

Most humiliating dog accessories Duck-bill muzzles

I agree, some dogs need to be kept away from tearing your shoes and pillows and this is why they should wear a muzzle. However, making your dog this type of muzzle looks like bullying to me.

Most humiliating dog accessories Pet peek

We all know that dogs are very curious and like to observe things, but placing this pet peek on your fence is kind of frustrating. Not only that the dog is incapable of sniffing and exploring the world outside, but the passers-by will mock him.

Most humiliating dog accessories Nail polish

This is one of the most humiliating things you can do to a dog. What is the point in painting the toes of a color-blind dog?

Most humiliating dog accessories Grinning lips toy

Similarly to the mustache toy, this one has also a plastic ball which allures the dog into chewing it. Of course, this is not all. After picking up the toy, the dog will have a wide grin which will seem very funny to the owner. Why? I donít know; seems pretty humiliating to me.

Most humiliating dog accessories Anti-escape harness

Having a small dog might make you afraid he will try to escape, but slipping him this kind of harness will make him look stupid, because a dog will still try to escape without realizing heís making a fool out of himself.

Most humiliating dog accessories Tattoos

Of course, this is not a permanent tattoo, because that would be considered animal abuse, but there are people who love to temporarily tattoo their dogs. It is not because it would do the pet any good, but because they like their pet to express their own interests.



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