Most expensive luxury foods

Most expensive luxury foods

Most expensive luxury foods Hop shoots

Hop is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and it is mainly used to make beer. If the shoots are harvested before they turn into flowers, they must be taken from April to March.A kilogram of hop is sold for about 1000 Euros.

Most expensive luxury foods The golden Araucana egg

The Araucana chicken come from Chile and the special thing about its eggs is that they are blue. Served with Italian risotto and tagliatelle, garnished with purple Perigord truffles, the dish is served for $100.

Most expensive luxury foods La Madelaine au Truffe

Chocolate truffles do not really contain real truffles (mushrooms), but the Madeleine Truffle actually uses a real mushroom truffle as its center: the rare Perigord. A kilogram of truffles is sold for about 3,940 Euros, so there is no surprise that a piece of this delicious desert is sold for about $250.

Most expensive luxury foods Jamon Iberico de bellota

This is a special Spanish ham which comes from an area where the black Iberian pig is fed only acorns which gives the meat a pure earthy-like taste. It was not even exported to America until 2007, when it was sold for $96 a pound.

Most expensive luxury foods Romanee-Conti Grand Cru

This is the ost consistently high-priced wine in the world. This is because it has a long tradition and there are only 500 bottles sold every year. If you are rich enough to enjoy this wine, then it should not be a problem for you to pay around $1,000 a bottle.

Most expensive luxury foods Margo’s Golden Pizza

This Maltese pizza is topped with white truffles and garnished with gold leaf. Yes, exactly! You can eat gold. Of course, it will not nourish you, but it is perfetly harmless. If you want to buy this kind of pizza you should expect to pay about 1,800 Euros.

Most expensive luxury foods Yubari King Melons

This melon is a hybrid, bred from the mellow Earl’s Favorite and the extra sweet Burpee. They are cultivated in Yubari, Japan and they are sold for $50 to $100. However, the first and perfectly spherical fruit was once auctioned as high as $26,000.

Most expensive luxury foods Ass cheese

This cheese is made from the milk of about 100 asses in western Serbia and its makers defend the price by reason of how much milk it is require (about 25 liters for one kilogram of smoked cheese). Connaisseurs claim it has a powerful and delicious taste, so it is no wonder that it is sold for $700 per pound.

Most expensive luxury foods The golden opulence Sundae

This dessert is only sold at erendipity 3, in New York City. You must give a 45 houirs’ notice when ordering this sundae, so the ingredients can be acquired. The vanilla beans are flown in from Tahiti, topped wioth 23-carat gold leaf and drizzled with Amedei Porcelana, which touts itself as the most expensive chocolate in the world. The price for this dessert is $1,000.

Most expensive luxury foods Angelito Araneta Jr’s Sushi Roll

This is the most expensive sushi in the world. If you wonder why, you should know which are the ingredients used in making them: 12-year-old Italian balsamic vinegar, Japanese rice, 70-year-old virgin water, Norwegian salmon, foie gras, pearls, and African diamonds. Each piece is also wraped in 24-carat gold leaf. 4 pieces of the most expenive sushi sells for about $2,000.



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