More incredible artisan crafts

More incredible artisan crafts

Artisan craft refers not only to some incredible and traditional worls of art, but also to items which have or used to have a functional purpose. Some of these crafts have evolved in time and made the process of creation easier, while others still keep their traditional character.

More incredible artisan crafts Azulejo

This is a form of Portuguese or Spanish painted tin-glazed, ceramic tile work. It can be found in churches, ordinary houses and even train stations and have contributed to the depiction of major historical events.

More incredible artisan crafts Calligraphy

This is the art ofgiving form to signs in an expressive manner which may or may not compromise the legibility of letters.

More incredible artisan crafts Knifemaking

This is the process of manufacturing knives either by stock removal, forging to shape, welded lamination or investement cast. The metals which are mostly used in the process are those that come from the carbon steel, tool or stainless steel families.

More incredible artisan crafts Lapidary art

This craft consists of cutting and polishing stone to create works of art. Its origins are prehistoric and linked to the creation of tools and weapons.

More incredible artisan crafts Origami

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding into objects such as birds and animals. 8. Lapidary art- This craft consists of cutting and polishing stone to create works of art. Its origins

More incredible artisan crafts Quiling

Quilling or paper filigree involves the use of strips of paper which are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs. During Renaissance, Italian and French nuns and monk used quiling to decorate religious books and other items.

More incredible artisan crafts Lace Making

This is an ancient craft consisting of threads which are looped, twisted or braided to other threads to create lace. Originally, linen, silk and even gold and silver threads were used, but nowadays lace is mostly made out of cotton thread.

More incredible artisan crafts Ikebana

This is the Japanese art of flower arrangement which puts an emphasis not only on the blooms, but also the other parts of the plant. The main rule of Ikebana is that all the elements used in this craft have to be organic (branches, leaves, grasses or flowers).

More incredible artisan crafts Clockmaking

This art is the craft of manufacturing clocks and it requires fine motor coordination as the clockmaker must work on devices with small gears and fine machinery. Originally, clockmakers designed clocks by hand.

More incredible artisan crafts Pyrography

Etimologically, pyrography refers to writing with fire on wood or other materials. It can be practiced using modern tools or using a metal implement heated in a fire.



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