Interesting facts about Germany

Interesting facts about Germany

The German culture is famous around the world. Many people know them for different reasons. Whether we are talking about sterotypes or important events in the history of mankind, Germany has always seemed intriguing and interesting. Here are some facts you might have not known about Germany.

Interesting facts about Germany The autobahn

Germanyís highways are famous for the lack of speed limit. Even though accidents on the autobahn are really rare, a car crash at a really high speed would be catastrophic.

Interesting facts about Germany Beer

Germany is home to about 1250 breweries, nearly four times as many as all the other countries in the EU combined. Because of they take beer so seriously, Germans also celebrate beer drinking every year during Oktoberfest. This festival takes place between late September and early October and it attracts millions of tourists around the world.

Interesting facts about Germany Fake bus stops

Because of the increased number of Alzheimer escapees, the German authorities decided to erect fake bus stops, as the patients are always escaping to return home. This srategy has proved to be so efficient, that many other countries took on the German model.

Interesting facts about Germany Exploding toads

In 2005, Germany suffered a gruesome epidemic of exploding toads. At that point there were many speculations, but it was soon discovered that crows actually realized that toads carried a toxin in their skin so they fed on them only after poked them inside with their beaks and ate their liver. The toads puffed themselves up as a defense mechanism, but the damage had already been done.

Interesting facts about Germany Garbage removal

Germans are very serious about disposing of their garbage and recycling is an important issue. Every German has to separate its garbage into one of the 6 categories and f you break the rules, workers might leave you nasty notes or even refuse to take your garbage altogether.

Interesting facts about Germany GSG-9

In 1972 at the Olympic Games held in Munich, Germany, a group of Palestinian terrorists held hostage 11 Israeli athletes. They demanded the release of 200 prisoners in Germany and Israel in in exchange for the athletes. The German police understimated the terrorists and attacked them. All the hostages, 5 terrorists and one police officer died. A year later, Germany unveiled an elite counterterrorism unit called GSG-9 which is highly effective in combating terrorism.

Interesting facts about Germany Holocaust denial

It is understandable that Germany wants to put behind the dark side of its history, however there are some people who completely deny the existence of Holocaust. Denying the Holocaust might cost you even your freedom.

Interesting facts about Germany Sitzpinklers

German boys are taught to sit down when they go to the toilet. There are even devices which are attached to the bottom of the toilet seat and once you try to lift it up, it will give you a humorous advice or even chastise you.

Interesting facts about Germany Funny wedding custom

In the rural side of Germany, the bride is often kidnapped from her wedding and the grooom has to find her and pay rounds of beers for his friends to regain his wife-to-be. Of course, after searching in many bars and taverns, most of the participants are drunk and ready to party some more.

Interesting facts about Germany War reparations

Germany had to pay enormous war reparations after the First and Second World War, and made its last interest payment on 3rd October 2010. One of the factors which led to the rise of the Thirs Reich was the incredibly high war reparation demanded from Germany after World War I.



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