Interesting facts about colour

Interesting facts about colour

Colour is the result of the different qualities of light being reflected by various objects. To see any colour, you need to have light. Our whole life more or less depends on the colours around us. Each of us perceives colour differently, the greatest distinction being how men and women perceive colour. Here is a list of other interesting facts about colour…

Interesting facts about colour To a certain extent, colour is imaginary, meaning that it is a side-effect of the brain trying to cope with the overwhelming external information.

Interesting facts about colour When you don’t have an appetite, yellow is your solution as it stimulated hunger. Now you can understand the meaning of all those small tricks in a restaurant based on the yellow colour.

Interesting facts about colour On the other extreme, colours can also be scary for some people, chromophobia or chromatophobia being a rare, yet persistent fear of colours, with highly bothersome symptoms: anxiety, elevated heart rate, dizziness and eve

Interesting facts about colour Did you know that blue is the most common favourite colour? About 40% of the people worldwide have blue as their favourite colour, distantly followed by purple-lovers.

Interesting facts about colour Bright colours will make you a socially “attractive” person, making you look optimistic and as we all know (or not), colours are responsible for approx. 70% for the first impression we make on others.

Interesting facts about colour It was scientifically proven that pink is a palliative colour, and thus soothes the nerves, having a calming and relaxing effect. It is used in prisons and mental care facilities for out-of-control patients and inmates.

Interesting facts about colour Silver can save your life in the sense that when you purchase your car you should take this fact into account as statistically speaking silver-coloured cars are the least involved into accidents, are more visible on the ro

Interesting facts about colour Invented in 1666 by Sir Isaac Newton, the Colour Wheel is the best tool to help us understand and differentiate colours and how they complement each other.



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