Incredible artisan crafts

Incredible artisan crafts

Artisan craft refers to the creation of an item that can have one or more practical functions and at the same time is also be influential as work of art.

Incredible artisan crafts Stone balancing

This kind of art requires patience and discipline on part of the artist. It involves placing some combination of rock arrangements without using supports, strings, wires or adhesives.

Incredible artisan crafts Huichol art

This type of art includes the making of beaded earrings, necklaces, masks and yearn paintings. This type of craft is typical in Central America and has replaced traditional materials such as clay, stone and vegetable dye.

Incredible artisan crafts Batik

Batik is a cloth traditionally made using a wax-resist dyeing technique. This type of clothing is traditional in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, China, Azerbaijan, India, Sri Lanka or Egypt and the most used colors are indigo, dark brown, and white.

Incredible artisan crafts Scrimshaw

This kind of art involves carving and engraving the bones and teeth of sperm whales.

Incredible artisan crafts Bookbinding

This is the process by which a book is assembled from a number of folded or unfolded sheets of paper and it involves attaching a cover to the bound pages.

Incredible artisan crafts Glassblowing

Artisans make use of the property of glass called inflation which refers to the expansion of a molten blob of glass by introducing a small amount of air into it.

Incredible artisan crafts Lutherie

This kind of art involves crafting stringed instruments such as violins or guitars.

Incredible artisan crafts Taxidermy

This art refers to the preparing, stuffing and mounting of animal skins for display. Usually, vertabrates are preferred as they are easier to be set up in different positions.

Incredible artisan crafts Psikhelekedana

This is a traditonal art from Mozambique consisting of small wood carvings painted in birght colors. These figures used to depict the agricultural society in which people lived, but they have evolved and they depict the realities of present day.

Incredible artisan crafts Experimental lutherie

The difference between experimental lutherie and traditional lutherie is that the former involves the altering of existing instruments or creating new ones.



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