False animal facts

False animal facts

False animal facts Bulls

You may have heard that bulls get angry when they see the color red. Well, while humans can see a lot of colors, many animals are unable to distinguish between them, and the bull is one of them. IN fact, what makes the bull angry is the matador which waves his cape around the animal while other people are making incredible noises.

False animal facts Dolphins

Dolphins have always been portrayed as the cute animals which would help you reach the shore if you were in trouble. However, it has been discovered that dolphins are in fact murderous maniacs who like to torture and kill baby porpoises. It is still not clear why they do it, but some researchers suggest it might be a sexually related gesture.

False animal facts Toads

Many people used to believe that touching a toad will give you warts. This is maybe because toads do have warts, but humans can pick them up from basically everywhere, but not from toads. However, you can get an irritation if you touch a toad.

False animal facts Goldfish

It is a common myth that goldfish have no memory and they are pretty stupid. In fact, they can remember things weeks later and can be trained to ring bells or jump through hoops.

False animal facts Ostriches

There is a common saying which refers to people who do not want to deal with something and describes them as “ostriches burrying their head in the ground”. While ostriches may keep their head low to be harder to see, they never bury their heads in the ground.

False animal facts Koalas

Most people refer to these cute animals as Koala bears. While they might look like a miniature bears, Koalas have a pouch, and thus, they are a marsupial which is rather related to wombats and not bears.

False animal facts Daddy-Long-Legs

Many people mistake Daddy-Long-Legs with a spider. Although it may look like one, this critter is actually an Opilone, pertaining to the order of the arachnids. The common myth about it is that it is highly poisonous and the only reason why people are safe is because their mouths are too small to bite. In fact, these small creatures are not poisonous at all and are not a threat to anybody

False animal facts Dogs

There’s an old saying which says: “You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks”. Actually, it was discovered that this is false for both dogs and humans. Older dogs can be taught new trick with proper training and older people can learn new things just as well as the young ones.

False animal facts Snakes

Everybody has heard about the so called snake charmers who play their flute and the snake sways to the music. Actually, snakes do not perceive sounds as we do and rather react to vibrations. So, they are charmed maybe by the charmer’s movements and not by his flute.

False animal facts Cheetahs

This myth is still believed by many people and it says that cheetahs are the fastes animal in the world. It is true that cheetahs are the fastest land animal, but the fastest one is actually a bird. The spine tailed swift has been clocked at over 69 miles/hour at level flight.



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