Facts you did not know about dogs

Facts you did not know about dogs

Dog lovers have more reasons to love their pets. Here are some interesting facts about dogs and how they influence our daily lives.

Facts you did not know about dogs Trained to poop

You might think that dogs used to guide blind people might poop wherever they find a place. However, they are also trained to do it on command. The handler runs his hand over the dogs back and gives the dog a signal that he can poop or pee.

Facts you did not know about dogs Lifespan

For a long time it was believed that a human year is the quivalent of seven dog years. However, it was discovered that smaller dogs live longer than bigger ones, and their lifespan ranges from 6 to 20 years.

Facts you did not know about dogs Baboons and dogs

It is believed that baboons keep dogs as pets the same way as humans do. Some baboons kindap puppied and raise them in a symbiotic relationship. IN exchange for food and companionship, dogs protect the baboon troop from other dogs.

Facts you did not know about dogs Dirty mouth

There is a myth that despite their execrable habits, dogs have cleaner mouths than humans. This is completely wrong, and the reason why their wounds heal faster when they lick it is because they are most likely removing dead tissue from their wounds with the tongue.

Facts you did not know about dogs Google is a dog lover

Although most of us know that Google proivides employees with free gourmet meals summer barbeques and pool tables, many people do not know that it also encourages employees to bring their dog pets at work. However, this is possible only if the dog is well-behaved.

Facts you did not know about dogs Titanium teeth

The dogs used by the Navy SEALs are among the most powerful dogs in the world and it was rumoured at some point that the dogs’ teeth are replaced with titanium fangs. It is true that if one of their teeth fells off, they are sometimes replaced by metal ones, but they are more likely to come out during combat.

Facts you did not know about dogs Detection dogs

Dogs are an important part of any law enforcement team. They are trained to sniff a variety of things, from drugs to bombs and cadavers. However, it has been found that many times dogs give “false positive” readings, which many times risk the civil liberties of innocent people. This is why nowadays, reform is being called for in many states in what regards the use of detection dogs.

Facts you did not know about dogs Moscow strays

The Moscow stray dogs are an incredible example of how dogs can adapt to their urban surroundings. These dogs from Moscow have been seen obeying the traffic lights to avoid being hit by cars, sending their adorable puppies to beg for food and even using the Moscow subway.

Facts you did not know about dogs Sylvester Stallone

Butkus, the dog which starred in Rocky, was actually Stallone’s dog. Before getting into acting, Stallone was desperately poor and had to sell Butkus to a dwarf named Jimmy and years later he was reunited with his dog, but only after paying $3000.

Facts you did not know about dogs Turnspit dogs

A few centuries ago, dogs were used in the kitchen to operate a wheel that would turn a roast on a spit to cook the meat evenly.



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