Facts you did not know about cats

Facts you did not know about cats

Cats are many people's favourite pets, however, many cat owners have no idea how important and interesting cats really are. Some of them have played an important role in our history and others have simply amazing abilities. Here are some of the most interesting facts about cats.

Facts you did not know about cats Cats and the Plague

Pope Gregory IX reigned in the 13th century and he believed that black cats are related to the devil so he ordered their extermination thoughout Europe. 100 years later, when the Plague came from Asia and ravaged Europe, there were no cats to diminish the number of rats and thus saving millions of human lives.

Facts you did not know about cats Roadkill

In the UK it is illegal not to report an accident involving a dog or a farm animal. However, the law doesnít say anything about hitting cats.

Facts you did not know about cats Declawing

Some cat owners in the U.S. take their cats to the veterinary to declaw them. This process is outlawed in most of Europe, Israel, Brazil and Japan. This practice is not backed by most of the people because the surgery required to remove the claws is quite brutal. This is because the nail grows out of the bone and the veterian has to cut off the end of the catís toe.

Facts you did not know about cats Nine lives

Everyone knows the famous saying that cats have nine lives. This is because being so agile, make them look like their defying death, and they do. If they fall from a considerable height, cats land on all four legs because of their loose, muscular legs that act as springs upon landing.

Facts you did not know about cats The Godfather

The Godfather has been ranked among the best movies in history. At the beginning of the movie, the mob boss Vito Corleone is decked out in a tuxedo, celebrating his daughterís wedding, absently stroking his cat. However, the cat didnít feature in the screenplay; it was only a stray that wandered onto the set. Marlon Brando picked it up and the rest is history.

Facts you did not know about cats Heroes

We all know stories about brave dogs saving their owners, but cats can also act heroically. A homeless baby separated from his father was kept warm during the night by feral cats which also brought him pieces of food. When the police arrived, the cats started hissing to protect the baby.

Facts you did not know about cats Mating

During its heat cycles, the female cat yowls and tries to escape the house to find a mating partner. The mating process however, is not so pleasant. The male catís penis sports backward-facing barbs like fish hooks that rake the inside of the femaleís vaginal canal.

Facts you did not know about cats Milk

Cat owners use to feed thei cats milk, but the truth is, as they grow older they become lactose intolerant. However, similarly to rats, their kidneys are efficient enough to allow them to drink seawater, unlike most species.

Facts you did not know about cats



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