Facts you did not know about beer

Facts you did not know about beer

Beer is possibly the most famous drink the world and yet, there are many things you do not know about it. Whether it is about its effects on the human body or random fun facts, you must likely had no idea about these facts.

Facts you did not know about beer Beer and facial hair

It was discovered that beer can produce drinkable beer by collecting the yeast form it. It may sound disgusting, but most of the fermenting yeast is collected from rotten bits of nature, so a beard would only be one of the means to harvest it.

Facts you did not know about beer Taxidermy and beer

In 2011, the beverage called “The End of History” was the strogest beer at that time (55% alcohol) and it came inside a real, dead animal. The creature had been stuffed with a bottle, with the neck and cork sticking out of its mouth.

Facts you did not know about beer Peruvian spit beer

There is a traditional Peruvian beer made out of corn and called Chicha. Its secret ingredient is spit. Yes, precisely. And this is because the human saliva contains many bacteria and enzymes which can replace the malting process used to make beer.

Facts you did not know about beer The foam

Many people disapprove with the foam on top of a beer glass, but the foam can actually say many things about the quality of the beer.The lack of foam mostly indicates that the beer is probably flat and bland-tasting.

Facts you did not know about beer Marijuana and beer

Not many people know that marijuana and beer are related. The flavoring agent in beer, hops, is also a member of the Cannabaceae family. Some entrepreneurs tried to graft hops into marijuana and brew marijuana beer. Details about the project are hard to find, maybe because the results were not the ones expected.

Facts you did not know about beer Michael Jackson and beer

When hearing about Michael Jackson, most people think about the King of Pop, but actually, there is another Michael Jackson which saved beer from oblivion. In the 70s, beer was considered to be a poor man’s drink, but he started to write about beer and its cultural significance and thus made it famous again.

Facts you did not know about beer Pyramids and beer

During the construction of the Giza pyramids, the workers were paid with beers, which they claimed it was a source of refreshment.

Facts you did not know about beer The oldest drinkable beer

In 2010 a shipwreck near Finland was found and it seems that it had aboard the oldest drinkable beer in the world, dating from the beginning of the 19th century. Finnish scientists are trying to discover the recipe and mass produce the beer under the name of “Shipwreck Beer”.

Facts you did not know about beer Water and beer

As an important component of the beverage, the water source used in its preparation is vital. It is believed that the best beer is made out of water from Ireland’s mountains. This is the very water used to make the Guiness beer.

Facts you did not know about beer The best beer

It is hard to rank beer, as it is often just a matter of taste. Nevertheless, consumers have decided that the best beer in the world is Westvleteren 12 which has a chocolate-like taste. It is prepared and sold only in the deep countryside of Belgium at a monk monastery.



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