Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas

Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas

Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas Breastfeeding

The Fatwa: Ezzat Attiya: Adult Breastfeeding in the Workplace It was quite a puzzle for Ezzat Attiya in 2007. He wondered how unrelated men and women could work together in the same office when Islam forbids men and women who aren’t married or related to be alone together. His idea?? Let the women breastfeed the men a few times. Like this, the sexual tension will be gone and they could act like mothers and son for one another. Brilliant, right? Well, finally, this stupid fatwa was abolished.

Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas Urine

The Fatwa: Sheik Ali Gomaa: Urine Fatwa According to Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Ali Gomma is a great idea to drink Muhammad’s urine, actually, is a great blessing. It’s a nonsense when you think that Muhammad himself never claimed that he was divine so why is his piss so magical? Finally this extremely wrong fatwa was rejected.

Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas Nudity and Sex

The Fatwa: Rashad Hassan Khalil: No Nudity for Sex The former dean of Islamic law at al-Azhar University in Cairo brought up a fatwa that is a married couple is completely nude when having sex they will invalidate the marriage. It was an instant fiery debate. Al-Azhar’s fatwa committee chairman, Abdullah Megawar backpedaled and said that married couples could see each other naked but they should cover themselves with a blanket during sex.

Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas Vaccine

The Fatwa: Infidel Vaccine Anti-Western clerics forbid Pakistani children from anti-polio immunizations because the clerics are saying that the vaccine is actually a conspiracy to make Muslims sterile. Therefore, polio is actually increasing in India, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan this making it pretty hard to be fertile when dead, right?

Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas Football

The Fatwa: Football fatwa The Saudi newspaper Al Watan released a very strict and real edict setting out new rules for those who play football. Some of these rules demand things like ‘do not play with 11 people like the heretics, Jews and Christians.’ Or ‘play in your pajamas or regular clothes (because) colored shorts and numbered T-shirts are not Muslim clothing.’ Now imagine 9 people playing football in pajamas with a melon, without a crossbar. The Muslim dream!

Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas Emoticons

The Fatwa: Multaqa Ahl al Hadeeth: Emoticon fatwa Of course, emoticons can be tricky and annoying as hell, but evil?? Well, according to a Muslim forum looking to make a reputation, yes, emoticons have the evil inside. According to Multaqa Ahl al Hadeeth, “Emoticons are forbidden because of its imitation to Allah’s creatures whether it is original or mixture or even deformed one and since the picture is the face and the face is what makes the real picture then emoticons which represent faces that express emotions then all that add up to make them Haram.” Moreover, they say that a woman shouldn’t use emoticons when talking to another man who’s not her mahram because it would be like she is laughing, smiling, blushing etc. in front of a non-mahram man, which is unacceptable.

Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas Mickey Mouse

The Fatwa: Muhammad Al-Munajid: Bring me the head of Mickey Mouse Yep, somebody really called Mickey ‘one of Satan’s soldiers’. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajid decreed that household mice and their cartoon cousins should be ‘killed in all cases’, according to the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph. Muhammad Al-Munajid also used to be a former diplomat at the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C. In case you are worried that Mickey will die alone, be at peace, Muhammad also put a hit on Jerry from ‘Tom and Jerry’.

Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas Tomboys

The fatwa: Malaysian National Fatwa Council: Tomboy fatwa Girls who play sports are more likely to have a higher self-esteem and are also that they are less likely to remain in an abusive relationship. Fortunately, the as-yet undefined punishment for Malaysian girls in t-shirts and jeans is not incorporated into Sharia law yet.

Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas Satanic Verses

The Fatwa: Ayatollah Khomeini : Kill for a book none of us can should read! Salman Rushdie’s novel ‘The Satanic Verse’ published in 1988 made the Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini to create a fatwa against the author with a gigantic bounty for his death. This fatwa attracted several attacks on the novel’s translators, publishers and booksellers including the murder of Japanese translator Hitoshi Igarashi. This stupid fatwa made millions of Muslims around the world to be enraged and wish the death of Salman Rushdie even if they haven’t read a line from his book.

Bizarre or ridiculous fatwas Sun and Earth

The Fatwa: Grand Mufti Sheikh Ibn Baaz: The sun revolves around the earth A fatwa created by Saudi Arabian Grand Mufti Sheikh Ibn Baaz in 2000, asserts that the earth was flat and disk-like and that the sun revolved around it. He also thought that satellite images which prove the contrary are nothing but mere Western conspiracies against the Islamic world.



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