Bizarre food tales

Bizarre food tales

Bizarre food tales Canadian maple syrup heist

Because the process of making maple syrup is really ineffective and it takes a lot of raw material, the Canadian province of Quebec maintains a reserve of maple syrup to be able to meet the international demand. However, in 2012, during an audit, it was discoevered that 6 million pounds of syrup had been stolen in a daring heist.

Bizarre food tales Mushrooms

There are 71 known species of mushrooms; some are edible, others are deadly and yet others give you psychedelic experiences. However, the main discovery related to mushrooms is that if you run electricity through them, you can double their production. This is probably because in the face of hazard, they are more likely to amp up their reproductive capabilities.

Bizarre food tales Gatorade

This beverage was invented by a kidney specialist to help keep football players hydrated. At first it only contained water, sugar, salt and lemon juice. When one of the players tasted it, he said it tastes like piss and threw it away.

Bizarre food tales Ice Cream

The most famous brand of ice cream in the U.S. is Dreyer’s and the name of the official taste tester is John Harrison. His taste buds have been insured for $1 million and he always tastes ice cream using a gold spoon which does not impart any flavor to the ice cream.

Bizarre food tales Ancient snack

Mammoths became extinct 10,000 years ago, but some of them were very well preserved after death in area such as Alaska or Siberia. There are many tales about people making feasts with mammoth meat, but nobody knows how true they are. However, a zoology professor cooked some mammoth from a 36,000 year old carcass found in Alaska. He said the meat was well aged, but still a little tough.

Bizarre food tales Cannibalism

Although cannibalism is the ultimate taboo nowadays, it is still a frequent practice in some societies. As weird as it may be, some people really asked themselves how human flesh must taste like. A reporter once received a chink of human flesh and he cooked it precisely to see how it tastes. He wrote that it tasted like good, fully developed veal.

Bizarre food tales Most stolen food

When asked to guess what type of food is the most frequently stolen, some people might guess candy, alcohol or even steak. However, the most frequently stolen food in the world is…cheese. Reasearchers do not know why, but maybe because it is easy to conceal and people are reselling it to restaurants.

Bizarre food tales Eggs

American and Canadian people might be shocked to travel to one of the countries of the European Union and see that eggs get on the market straight from the chicken, without being sanitized. The fact is that chickens impart a liquid coating around their eggs called a cuticle, which protects against contamination. Actually, sanitizing eggs makes them more porous and more susceptible to contamination.

Bizarre food tales Perfect ketchup

Probably most people like ketchup and for a good reason, especially if you consume Heinz ketchup which is perfectly balanced. This variety is simultaneously salty, sour, sweet, bitter and umami (savory) and the ingredients are mixed so carefully that none of them overwhelms the tastebuds.

Bizarre food tales Sushi

Prior to the explosion in popularity of sushi, fish such as tuna and Bluefin were so common that many times they were even fed to cats. Due to the rise of expenses and the ocean’s population falling, these fish have been replaced with cheaper types of fish. Restaurants take advantage of the customers’ lack of knowledge and instead of tuna for instance, they serve escolar, which in many countries it is considered toxic.



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