Bizarre eating habits

Bizarre eating habits

Bizarre eating habits 1. Milk of my daughter

Tim Browne drinks his daughterís breast milk because some experts claim that the cure for cancer just might be in human milk. Fighting cancer with chemotherapy and having no results he finally took a chance with this treatment.

Bizarre eating habits 2. Urine

Carie, a 53-year-old woman drinks her own urine. She drinks around 80 ounces of urine a day and uses some for brushing her teeth, bathing and nasal irrigation. She believes that drinking her own urine helps her cope with fighting cancer.

Bizarre eating habits 3. Soap

The 19-year-old from Florida can easily go through five soap bars each week and even has a love for laundry detergent. Tempestt Henderson believes she began eating bars of soap as a coping mechanism after her boyfriend Jason left her for college.

Bizarre eating habits 4. Love you to death

A 26-year-old woman named Cassie ate around one pound of her husbandís ashes.

Bizarre eating habits 5. Foam party

A 31-year-old woman from Florida has spent over two decades unzipping couch cousins and snacking on the foam inside. She now eats her way through an estimated seven couches and three pillows per year, a fact that has doctors concerned she might die from her bizarre condition.

Bizarre eating habits 6. Scorpion

6. Scorpion The 58-year-old from China after being stung by a scorpion one day, he became so upset that he picked it up off the ground and bit its head off. His surprise was that it tasted sweet and nutty. Until this day he kept on eating scorpions as a delicious appetizer. Doctors believe that he became immune and addicted to scorpion venom.

Bizarre eating habits 7. Gas guzzler

Back in 1969, Chen Jejun was experiencing a rough cough and some chest pain. The elders in his village suggested him to try taking a shot of kerosene to soothe himself. Since that day, for 42 years he kept on drinking something like 1,5 tons of gasoline. Experts say that Chenís body has built up a tolerance to gas over the years and that explains why he hasnít dropped dead yet.

Bizarre eating habits 8. The human leech

Each month, Julie Caples drinks up to half a gallon of blood obtained from donors who come to her house and let her slice them open. She says that drinking human blood keeps her energized, strong and healthy.

Bizarre eating habits 9. Street Meat

Arthur Boyt of England is a taxidermist who prefers to eat the bodies of badgers, cats and barn owls than throw them out after a stuffing job. This eating habit never made him ill. He is now 72-years-old and he think that the best roadkill he ever ate was a Labrador.

Bizarre eating habits 10. Heavy metal

57-year-old Frenchman Michel Lotito ate 18 bicycles, 15 shopping carts, 7 television sets, 6 chandeliers, two beds, a coffin, an entire Cessna airplane and a small section of the Eiffel Tower. Despite his superman-like stomach, Lolito has problems digesting some normal foods like bananas and hard-boiled eggs.



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