Bizarre British traditions

Bizarre British traditions

Bizarre British traditions Worm Charming

This is a competition during which people have to attract worms out of the ground. There are some specific rules like the restricted area where you can compete (3x3 meters) and the fact that it is forbidden to use any stimulants (not even water).

Bizarre British traditions Morris dancing

This is a folk dance accompanied by music, where dancers make us of sticks, swords and handkerchiefs. In a small number of dances for one or two men, steps are performed near and across a pair of clay tobacco pipes laid across each other on the floor.

Bizarre British traditions Bog Snorkeling

This event is meant to raise money for charity. It may sound crazy, but the contestants are actually diving into a bog, wearing goggles and racing each other along a 120 ft trech filled with mud.

Bizarre British traditions Pearly King and Queen

This is a charitable event which takes place in London. People of the working class are gathering to raise money for charity. They wear clothes decorated with pearl buttons, a tradition which takes place from the 18th century.

Bizarre British traditions Ascot Ladies Day

This event refers to a famous English racecourse which takes place yearly in Ascot, Merkshire. However, it is not necessarily the horse races that make it so famous, but the hats ladies wear during the event. As years pass by, their hats get bigger and bolder and it is a really great show to see all the women wearing the weirdest hats.

Bizarre British traditions Cheese rolling at Cooperís Hill

This event took its name from the hill where it takes place. This hill is located near Gloucester and it was initially organized for the people of Brockworth (a village). Nowadays, people from all over the world gather at this event where 20 young men have to chase a rolling cheese which is let loose from a cliff. As the surface of the hill is very irregular, they will tumble about 200 yards before they reach the bottom, where ambulances are waiting to take them to the hospital.

Bizarre British traditions Gurning

The Gurning World Championship might be one of the weirdest traditions, not only in Britain, but in the world. People gather for a competition in which you need rubber-faced skills to compete. The main idea is to put you head through horse collars and then try and create most grotesque and ugliest face.

Bizarre British traditions Guy Fawkes Night

This is a celebration of the failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in Westminster during the Gunpowder Plot on November 5th, 1605. The ceremony refers to the burning of an effigy of Fawkes (the man who was executed for the Gunpowder Plot) accompanied by bonfires.

Bizarre British traditions

Bizarre British traditions



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