Annoying time-wasters

Annoying time-wasters

People get stressed-out or annoyed by many things in life but this is a list about useless annoying time-waster or more likely, things that not only annoy you, but also steal time away from you.  At the end of this list you will realize how much time you waste on this things and think about how many other things you could do.

Annoying time-wasters Extension cords and water hoses

Most homeowners use extension cords and water hoses. These are essential tools but the only problem with them is that no matter how good you pack them, they will always have all sorts of Kinks and snags, becoming twisted and tangled, pinched and stuck. Untangling them takes a lot of time and patience which is something we nowadays lack.

Annoying time-wasters Tamper Resistant Packaging

Tamper resistant packaging are very common on modern packages and no matter if they are placed on a seal, cap or any sort of wrappings, cutting them or manipulating them takes a lot of time. These are usually made for safety, but they can get pretty annoying and time-wasting.

Annoying time-wasters Red Lights

Despite the fact that red lights are very useful there are also other methods to control traffic, such as roundabouts and signs. The roundabouts proved to be safer both for the drivers and the pedestrians and also less time-consuming since when the street is free, you can drive peacefully, without having to wait for the red light’s time to flow.

Annoying time-wasters Microsoft Products

Microsoft products have an issue with window popping messages such as “Do you want to send this message” or “Windows needs to shut down”. Every time one of these messages appears you are blocked and you have to wait for your PC to reboot. Though, the worst of them is the blue screen. This is a total waste of time.

Annoying time-wasters Telemarketers

Thank God for the “do not call lists”! They have helped reducing the number of telemarketing phone calls we receive but talking to a telemarketer is a precious time wasted which you can never get back. Even if these calls don’t waste so much of your time because you can always hang up, they are definitely the most inopportune and annoying ones.

Annoying time-wasters Telephone directories

There are plenty of calling menus which make you wait through or push through in order to reach the person with whom you want to speak. We all miss the times when you would just call one person and they would either answer or no. Telephone directories may help company’s route incoming calls and improve their operating efficiency, but they are certain to annoy the caller, and waste their time.

Annoying time-wasters Malware

Nowadays most annoying and time wasting thing is a malware that infects and slows down your computer or your interface with the computer. They do not affect the users or the computer in other way than wasting time with slow=reacting programs.

Annoying time-wasters Customer Support

This is as annoying as telephone directories. There are two options: there is either poor or no customer support at all. You have every chance of reaching someone who doesn’t know how to fix your problem, not to mention all the time wasted being on hold. This is something that wastes hours, days , weeks and months of your life.

Annoying time-wasters Too Many Choices

The biggest problem nowadays is that we have too many choices. This should normally be a good thing but when you have the same product in so many forms or packages you just don’t know which one to pick and this wastes half of your life.



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