Amazing street art

Amazing street art

Street art is the new mainstreem and despite de fact that it may have been banned or some people may have seen it as scandalous, there are cases in which it is just amazing. These are 10 photos of amazing street art.

Amazing street art Yarn Bombing

The purpose of yarn bombing is to cover the world with crocheted patterns onto things like statues, pipes and even tanks.

Amazing street art Ice men

These are men carved in ice which melt in the sun in order to express the fact that nothing lasts forever.

Amazing street art Peace Dove

This is a piece of art made by Bansky, a well-known street artist which simbolizes the sustainers of peace who are not liked in the world we are living today.

Amazing street art Dentist

This is a piece made by Nomerz in order to show the nocive effects of smoking.

Amazing street art War Bug

This is a 3D painting made by LUDO in Chicago.

Amazing street art Chalk Alien

This is a drawing by David Zinn who chose to add more effect by scattering real leaves on top of the chalk art.

Amazing street art Lego

Just like in the case of Yarn Bombing, people have decided to brighten a city by covering its building's cracks with lego pieces.

Amazing street art Three Girls

The SCi-FI drawing, shocking yeat beautiful has been made by Antoine Stevens and Steve Locatelli.

Amazing street art “No brushes or stencils, just spray”

David Walker did bnot use brushes os stencils in creating this drwing and yet, it still looks realistic.



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