Amazing microminiature art


Nikolai Aldunin is a Russian artist who designs microscopic pieces of art. His talent has amazed the whole world, his skills being praised worldwide. His works include a golden tank which accurately reflects the original design. He also put horse shoes and a saddle on a flea and 7 camels in the eye of a needle.

amazing-microminiature-art. An idle bike on a narrow path

amazing-microminiature-art. Camels in an eye of a needle

amazing-microminiature-art. Flea with horse shoes, a saddle and stirrups

amazing-microminiature-art. AK-74 made of gold and consisting of 34 individual parts


amazing-microminiature-art. Golden tank on an apple seed

amazing-microminiature-art. title

amazing-microminiature-art. A portrait of Leo Tolstoy on a grain of rice



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