10 things we believe without proof

10 things we believe without proof

10 things we believe without proof 1. God

This is the biggest gesture of belief in human kind. Believing in a God who you can’t see, hear or feel but who has the final word over the course of your life.

10 things we believe without proof 2. Religious texts

Regardless of your background you might believe in an organized religion of some sort. You might even believe stories about people who lived hundreds of years due to their religious belief. Religious texts are designed in such manner that it makes you believe and live a fantasy while there is no real evidence.

10 things we believe without proof 3. Fate

We tend to easily throw away the phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’ more than a few times, especially in extreme situations. However, we have no reason or proof to make us believe that everything that happens to us in this life has a purpose.

10 things we believe without proof 4. Intuition

We believe that the sixth sense provides us silent guidance, the third eye, gut feeling, etc. This intuition can tell us to trust or distrust someone, take a certain path or not, etc. There are no tests or study results to show us that intuition really help us make the right choices therefore how can so many people believe in what their gut tells them and only on that?

10 things we believe without proof 5. Karma

You can call it karma or just ‘what goes around comes around’ but they both say that what you do today might affect what you will live tomorrow. Many people believe in the idea of karma and as much as they can, they act accordingly to the rule that what you do today it might come back to you tomorrow.

10 things we believe without proof 6. Psychic mediums

If you want to talk to a dead loved one of you just need to take a short trip to ‘the other side’ then you have to appeal to the services of a psychic medium. Something like shamans, psychic mediums are the ones who see and hear signs form dead people, our dear dead people who we so much wish to contact. There are no scientific or logical proofs that this connection with the other side is valid but we still appeal to them.

10 things we believe without proof 7. Ghosts

There are times when we almost admit that we’ve seen a ghost, a ghost for real! But we are afraid to say anything about this because the skeptics are all around us and they are ready that it’s all about lighting tricks and other logical reasons. Regardless of a skeptic’s opinion, many people still shiver in the night when hearing a rare noise.

10 things we believe without proof 8. Cryptids

Bigfoot or the West Virginia Mothman are cryptids whose existence was never testified. There are enough sightings and amateur photos but there is no other real evidence that these creatures swim or walk on our Eath. Until Loch Ness monster is captured, all these will be only legends and stories for kids.

10 things we believe without proof 9. Astrology

Astrology is definitely not a new concept and people are used to take major decisions based on the stars’ positions for centuries. There is no proof that the way the planets and stars are aligned alters someone’s way of being. However, there are more than enough people who read their horoscopes daily and take them very seriously.

10 things we believe without proof 10. Aliens

There are many conspiracy theories and UFO sightings but we still don’t have verifiable proof that there are other life forms in the universe apart from us. Still, it doesn’t stop people to believe in aliens with such great power that it almost creates a new religion.



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